Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Deutschland 2015

I'm really sorry, but for some reason this blog post has been on hold for some time and will be published now, almost 8 months later than it should have been.
But better late than never, right?

A while ago (in January to be specific) I had a great chance to go to Germany and to see my dear friend Piret who was studying in Konstanz for a year.
We bought the plane tickets already in October but Piret had no idea that we're coming. That made planning the trip a lot harder, but thanks to Matt who helped us along the way, everything finally worked out and our trip was even better than we expected. Germany was great and the pastries even better!

We started off our trip in Düsseldorf which to be honest didn't leave us a great impression because it was just so freaking cold over there. We arrived there at 1AM and since our train to Konstanz was to leave at 6AM we decided that taking a hotel to sleep there only for 3 hours would be a waste of money. But that meant that we had 5 hours to kill in the train station where there was obviously no heating and almost all the places were closed. Therefore we just walked around in Düsseldorf  downtown at 2 AM, drank tea and hot chocolate in every cafe that was opened and finally it was time to get on the train.
We had two layovers and all together it took us 6,5 hours to get from Düsseldorf to Konstanz.

The first and probably the best memory from Konstanz was Piret's face when Matt told her that he had a surprise for her and when she saw that me and Cairit were the surprise. Priceless!

Konstanz was a really lovely small town just off the lake of Constance. We did some sightseeing, walked around in the old town and went to see the University of Konstanz where Piret studies. In addition we went to Meersburg which was only a 15-minute ferry drive away. It was such a lovely little place which was in a way too quiet but I can only imagine how great would it be to spend some time over there during summer.

Before going to Germany I was really hoping I'll get the chance to see the Neuschwanstein Castle which was only a few hour drive away from Konstanz. So on Monday we decided to rent a car and go there. It is also the castle which inspired Walt Disney to create the Sleeping Beauty Castle featured in Disney movies and in Disneyland.
Going there also meant that we could see a little bit of Switzerland and Austria and moreover to admire the amazing Alps. And the Neuschwanstein castle was definitely one of the most beautiful castles I've ever seen in my life!
To finish up the day we decided to go to see the biggest rainfalls in Europe, the Rhein Falls, which weren't as impressive as I'd hoped for. Plus the parking machine in Switzerland took Piret's 10 Franks and the weather over there was pretty awful.

After a few days in Konstanz it was time to leave because Frankfurt was waiting for us. So on Wednesday morning after eating some great pastries in the Voglhaus we got on the train again and headed towards Frankfurt. Our hotel was just a 3 minute walk away from the train station and a 15 minute walk from the main shopping street so we were pretty happy with that. The only slight problem was that just next to our hotel there was a meeting place for all the homeless people and the drug addicts. On the first day we got to the hotel there were at least 20 weird-looking guys over there and one of them was just thrusting himself with a needle. So that was pretty creepy. In addition, the Red Lights District was just next to us too.

But overall Frankfurt was nice! There were a lot of high buildings and they really don't have an old town since it was bombed during the WW II, but there were a lot of churches (which Cairit really liked) and a lot of shops with loads of cheap clothes. On our last night there we also went to discover the night life in Frankfurt and discovered that unfortunately there are places where smoking indoors is still allowed. Other than that it was a fun night out!

On our way back I got to witness and airport fight in Düsseldorf so you could say our trip ended pretty eventful.

Overall,the trip was awesome and I would like to thank Matt for helping us to organize this trip, Piret for being a great host and Cairit for being an awesome travel companion!

All the best! :)


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