Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - The Year to Remember

Do you know the feeling you get just before the year is about to end and you actually feel like this has been a good one? The feeling that you have accomplished so much more that you'd ever thought possible? Yeah, I didn't know that feeling either before now.

This year has has had its ups and downs and well occasionally I fell pretty hard (like literally fell and got a concussion) but it has probably been one of the best years of my life.

I've learned to use every opportunity available and discovered that the only thing that really matters is that you have your family and friends to come home to after having the most amazing opportunity to see the world.

I will never forget the experiences I had while I was in the US and moreover I will never forget the people I met there. And even though I'm so happy I met all of you, I feel so sad that you're all so far away now. That I don't have my sweet Kanami living on the other side of the wall, that I don't have Chris, Ricky, Gizem, Sam and so many other great people I met there.

But anyways, this year has definitely been a year of adventures. I added at least two more cities to my "Favorites" list: New York and Miami. I mean how can anyone not loves these cities?! Plus I visited Washington, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Morgantown, saw the Niagara Falls and I went to Ireland with my family. So you could definitely say I did do some travelling this year.

But it wasn't all traveling and fun. I also had a great opportunity to intern in NATO Cyber Defence Center which was a pretty awesome experience with some pretty awesome people. And more importantly, I took a chance and applied for a job in Estonian Public Broadcast and to my own big surprise ended up working there for three months. So yeah, now you can find tens of articles written and edited by me on the internet. And although there were moments when I felt like I could never do this job for more than a few months, I finally realized that maybe journalism and media could actually be something I could see myself doing in the future.

So yeah, this year I actually managed to keep everything balanced - I was a crazy 21-year-old girl who liked to travel, party and not think about anything serious but then I managed to actually learn, work and improve myself. So I'd say I did a pretty good job balancing my life.

And well, since it's supposed to be a photography blog, here's my year in pictures.
West Virginia University: Chisato, Kanami, Gizem and me


The view from my 7th floor room in Arnold
My first football game and my first basketball game in the U.S.

Washington DC
Spring Break in Miami Beach

Spring Break: Kanami, me, Gizem and Dogan
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Coopers Rock with Chris, Amanda, Ricky and Kanami

Last night out in Morgantown with Afaf, Gizem and Jenia

New York City

New York City
Manhattan from a Brooklyn rooftop lounge
Breakfast in the Sky with the CyCon2014 volunteers

Pärnu Grillfest with my sister Pille, Mart and Magnus

Marleen and Kermo

Estonian Song Festival 

Tallinn Old Town with Marleen

Stina and Marleen
My home island: Saaremaa

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Ireland: The Wicklow Mountains


Family picture
The beginning of a new school year
Our sauna and hiking trip in October
Photoshoot with Stina

Thank you all for being a part of my year and making it worth remembering :)

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